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To Begin, Lemon Berry is a wonderful hybrid strain of cannabis that tends to be slightly sativa-leaning. For a long time, the true origins of this strain were up for debate. General consensus today is that the US breeders behind Fusion Seeds were the first to cross this wonderful strain.To Add, Lemon Berry is the product of an ambitious project to cross Lemon Thai with a unique strain known as Dabney Blue. The result, named Lemon Berry, was an excellent sativa-hybrid whose effects are not only potent but quite enjoyable for anyone.

Also, Lemon Berry is best known for its cerebral effects among reviewers. Which includes a jolt of energy accompanied by joy and relaxation as they’ve reputed. For social users, this strain induced the giggles, so try it while watching a comedy or just hanging out with friends. Consumers tend to recommend this strain for managing pain, easing cramps, or staving off depression and fatigue. It’s best for use during the daytime due to its energizing properties.

In Addition, As a sativa-dominant hybrid, side-effects from Lemon Berry may include anxiety, feelings of panic, or paranoia. Some users report lightheartedness or dizziness. Buy Lemon Berry Dankvapes.


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